Venture Funding

Tikura Ventures offers preseed and seed funding for knowledge-based growth startups. We are constantly seeking dynamic teams with new exciting ideas.

Pre-Seed and Seed

Tikura Ventures is mainly focused in Pre-Seed and Seed financing rounds.

We are happy to participate in syndicates but are able to act as the only investor.

In addition, we are also interested in participating in Round A financing in selected cases.

Your Startup

When approaching us, we expect you to have a strong and competent team with outstanding idea that has potential for global success.

We are looking for strong business-to-business value propositions or B2G or B2B2C cases.

Send your deck

Please send your deck or other information of your idea or startup to or call us +358 40 5477044

Let's have a discussion and explore for co-operation opportunities for your venture.

Investment with a twist

Everybody is speaking about smart money. And some smart entrepreneurs might even be smart enough to request it. Tikura Ventures is just that. We are especially interested in investing to business areas we are most familiar with and can thus provide valuable knowledge and guidance to the entrepreneurs. In addition to financing we offer support especially for the company's governance, finance, and go-to-market functions.

Although geographically our main focus is in Finland and the Nordics, we are still ready to invest to any company anywhere. Our location in the South-Eastern Finland allows us to tap into the pool of innovative educated experts establishing their companies in the European Union. 

Funding Partner

Tikura Ventures is doing active co-operation with European Investment Fund (EIF), which belongs to European Investment Bank (EIB). The European Angels Fund (EAF) initiative is advised by EIF which provides equity to Business Angels and other non-institutional investors for the financing of innovative companies in the form of co-investments. EAF works hand in hand with Business Angels and helps them to increase their investment capacity by co-investing into innovative companies in the seed, early or growth stage.

Current Portfolio

Former Portfolio

We Are Group is a restaurant company devoted to becoming international leaders of modern hospitality. We are here to make life more enjoyable on both sides of the counter. We work with scalable concepts to maximize our impact.

Our portfolio includes Sushibar+Wine, Story, Pikku Napoli and BangBang BBQ restaurants and Jävla Sås Bolag sauce company.

Yepzon provides advanced end-to-end tracking and sensoring solutions for any business need. Yepzon is a full stack IoT powerhouse specializing in location data combined with sensor data for a variety of purposes. The Yepzon ecosystem is easily customized and integrated with any existing service or system platform.

Shareholding via Tikura Ltd.

Contact Information

Antti Pellinen

Managing Partner
+358 40 547 7044